26 November 2020
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What is a QR Code?

A QR code is a 2 dimensional bar code that allows you to encode information that can be read by a mobile device. The QR stands for “quick response” because they allow the end user to quickly capture information you want to share. Much like a product bar code, the QR code is unique and the pattern is created depending upon the information it contains.

To read the QR code you simply need to download a QR code reader to your smart phone or other mobile device. To read the code you simply activate your QR code app, and point it as the QR code square. Your device will read the code and transmit the information it contains.

Where to download the QR scanner?

We collected free apps for all kinds of smartphones. So select from the following list and download the app to your smartphone:

  Android   iPhone   BlackBerry

How do you scan the QR code?

After you have your reader installed, fire up the application and snap a picture of the QR code.  Make sure that your hand is steady and that you are able to include the whole code into the picture.  There will be some instances when the scan would fail, do not worry, just keep on snapping.

How to scan a QR Code


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