26 November 2020
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PMR Property Rental Alfaz
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Calle Fereria 16,
L’Alfas Del Pi,
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Reviewed by Gc1234
I would just like other homeowners who are using PMR to rent there villas out to be aware of the scams this company does to make money. There is no review area on this page for us to leave this in the appropriate place. Although countless attempts have been made to resolve amicably Lisa does not want to know, but now it is time for people to know how Lisa runs her business and the appalling state we got our property back in and the appalling state that last customers went into our house like, when we trusted PMR to handle our property properly.

We paid PMR thousands of pounds to get the house ready for guests. They used pieces of equipment from local Chinese shops to make a lock on door, they drilled holes all over a toilet door instead of changing like for like. Putting locks on doors to secure laundry which was so poor quality yet customers or staff would open the door scraping the other door. The cooker hood was cracked, never replaced, the garden was appalling while her own customers were in. The only reason why this was like this is because I employed my own gardener who wasn’t allowed in whilst guests were in, simply because she did not make money from this as the pool and other maintenance people were allowed in. Our villa was advertised as a luxury villa and it is worth a lot of money, the way it has been used by this company is sad appalling experience.

This list could go on forever and ever, I’m going to attach photos of what has happening to our property.

It’s very clear from speaking to Lisa that she has never stepped foot on the property since taking on the property. Even when I have expressed fact about the state of the property. I got shrug of shoulders and told to send photos. I always thought when you left properties with an agent there was a degree of protection.

I’ll upload photos etc.
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