22 January 2021
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Segway Tours Benidorm

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Segway Tours Benidorm and Costa Blanca providing trips around Benidorm on the new 2 wheeler eco friendly bikes.You get to see all the views of Benidorm and the Costa Blanca with minimum effort.Like any invention that is ahead of its time, the Segway Personal Transporter (PT) is often misunderstood. A happy smile reflected in the faces of the Segway PT riders may suggest that this is just a toy. But make no mistake. Although it is incredibly fun to use a Segway PT, it is a means of official transport designed for modern life.

You can travel for miles and miles. The Segway PT can take you to places you would not be able to access by bicycle or car (including inside many stores, offices, businesses, airports, lifts and trains). Although they are ideal for short trips of 8km or less, the Segway PT can travel up to 38km on a single battery charge (depending on terrain, loading and riding style).

Ride a Segway PT and enjoy the pleasure of staying active without the inconveniences that come with cars and public transport. Move about the streets together with your friends who are walking without giving up a good conversation. Maneuver easily through crowds without invading their personal space. In addition to gliding in harmony with those around you, it is also environmentally friendly, as the Segway PT produces no emissions and does not need fuel.

Thought and action, a single concept. Ride a Segway PT and see how it stays up without support, balancing perfectly. Lean your body forward, backward, left or right, and LeanSteer™ technology allows you to glide immediately in the exact direction you want to take and at exactly the right speed. put yourself in a vertical position and you will come to a gentle stop. Segway engineers call it "dynamic stability control of a closed cycle" and to you it will simply seem like magic.

You will soon feel that the Segway PT is an extension of your body. Feel safe, comfortable and in full control, whether it travels at speeds of up to 20kph, or goes at walking pace. How long does it take to feel part of a Segway PT? For most people only a few minutes. For some, even less.

With a Segway PT, you will no longer have such a routine. Daily activities will become experiences worth savouring, and you will see a completely different angle to a journey that you make so often. Ride a Segway PT and you will be transported in more ways than one.

Handling a Segway PT makes you feel something that you have never experienced before, because there has never been anything like it. You instinctively try to find the balance, as you would with any device with two wheels. But almost immediately you can tell that the Segway PT finds its own balance, and it is like it has converted into an extension of yourself. Lean forward slightly and you will see that the Segway PT will move only in response to your movements.

Do you remember having a dream that felt like you could fly? With the Segway PT you will feel freedom, exhiliration and confidence. Feel the sensation of the ground moving under you, without touching it. This is like floating above the surface. It gives you the feeling of power and speed, and also you will notice the intensity of absolute control. Everything feels natural and instinctive. This is what it feels like to ride a Segway PT.

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