18 January 2021
Benidorm & Costa Blanca's Number 1 Guide
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Rock and Roll House Benidorm


The Newly Refurbished Rock And Roll House Benidorm

The owners of the rock and roll house proudly present the very newly refurbished and best live entertainment venue in Benidorm. I went along to talk to them and see what has been going on for the last month whilst they were shut for a refurbishment.

I had driven past several times and seen the huge amount of building materials in the front terrace and thought to myself wow, the guys there had told me it was just a small job and a few things to improve but it looked to me much more. Well now I can see exactly what was being done and had a chat with Alvero. Due to be open sometime this coming weekend I was shown what still seemed to be construction work in progress and I suppose that’s normal, what seems to be a long way to go when having building work done is often turned around all at the end and the project takes shape out of nowhere. What I did see was most impressive and I could not help myself to say to Alvero “this is Benidorm not Las Vegas” wow, how cool was the decor in the loo’s even the toilet seats were themed, I really hadn’t seen anywhere around with such amazing toilets and if there was to be a competition for the best loo’s in town I’m sure the newly reformed Rock and Roll house would be in first place.

A new outside terrace together with a massive neon display sign will help remind you where you are! You know big signs in glowing bright neon colours start to get you going before you even walk through the doors, well that’s what Rock and Roll house and Rock and Roll music is all about, it’s the biggest and most electric live music venue with the very best artists in town. Now after nine years the venue has been continually improved and together with the best ever memorabilia and decor to complement the very best music the venue has been probably one of the most successful in the whole town of Benidorm.

I had also recently met up with one of the top stars of the show Dean Ryan who is (Mr Shakin Stevens) the only act of its kind here and also teamed up together with Simon Patrick for the Elvis and Shaky Show the number one and most popular live music act in Benidorm. Dean has been in Benidorm since 1999 working around the venues before settling down at the Rock and Roll house for the last three years. Dean grew up listening to Shakin Stevens and loves Rock and Roll, he started performing with his dad when he was 17 and then went on to Pontins holiday centre in Great Yarmouth in 1987 he also performed in Ibiza working the hotels, so for the last 30 years Dean has been performing.

Dean told me “I love performing at the Rock and Roll house it really is my favourite place it’s my home , the audience love us and come specially to enjoy the line-up, 5 hours of live music”. Dean went on to say “Benidorm is one of the only places in Europe offering such good entertainment, its free and there is so much great variety for the visitors, I love the town and the lifestyle.”

“My mum is here with me most of the time that makes it all worthwhile. I lived in California and did not perform for four years. It really wasn’t me, I live to perform it’s in my blood and being here is like living a millionaire’s life style without the millions”.

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