22 January 2021
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Benidorm Palace
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Avenida Severo Ochoa 13,
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Review by Vista Site. 10/04/2011
A dazzling display of dance, music and daring acrobatics
The Benidorm Palace certainly knows how to put on a show in style – and it starts as soon as you enter the foyer. Against a background of clinking glasses, flashing cameras and the buzz of an audience enjoying themselves guests are immediately drawn into the excitement and anticipation of the show to come. Diners enjoyed a first-class meal and an excellent wine selection while listening to an outstanding pianist who created just the right ‘mood music’ for the early stages of the evening. Stepping up the pace a bit was a six piece jazz band who provided an electric array of pop and jazz hits.
As the lights dimmed the music took over and soon the stage was alive with dynamic dancing and colourful costumes. The performers delivered a seamless, vibrant mix of dance styles that swirled around the stage capturing the audience with their energy and excitement. With flamenco and maracas keeping up the beat, one dance style after another unfolded to create a magical, musical spectacle. It was hard to know how such a dazzling performance could ever come to an end - but the final solo dancer in a brilliant white dress simply stole the stage. Stylish, sleek and full of fun it was the perfect opening performance to an amazing show.
In an astonishing display of special effects the once sparkling stage was transformed into a silent, mesmerising arena with a single net hanging from the roof. The change of pace and scene could not have been more dramatic. The acrobatic performance that followed was simply breathtaking in its sheer audacity and skill. High above us we witnessed an outstanding display of extraordinary acrobatic moves that had the audience enthralled.
Michael Jackson reigns in Spain
When the dancers returned to the stage to perform a melody of Michael Jackson hits you just knew that they would do the King of Pop justice. As the familiar sounds of Bad blasted from the stage the audience was thrilled by the energetic Jackson-style dance routines that brought the place to its feet. Amazingly the Michael Jackson performance segued seamlessly into an upbeat, lively and well-loved selection of Irish music and dance.
Another stage transformation and another opportunity to enjoy some truly outstanding acts. Hang on a minute, what’s that waiter doing? Well, that would spoil the fun but what followed next was comedy at its best. Fun and frivolous with some amazing acrobatic stunts this act was full of surprises and twists and turns.
A spectacular display of music, lights and lasers brought the first half of the show to a dazzling close leaving the audience to dash to the dance floor. The atmosphere was electric, the enthusiasm overwhelming and the dancing was energetic. Everyone was caught up in the excitement of the show and the dance floor was the ideal platform to join in the fun.
Oh what a night
The second half of the show burst into life with the unmistakeable look and sound of the 80s. The thumping disco beat and smooth soul sounds of classics from this decade provided the backdrop to spectacular choreography and outrageous costumes. Full of colour and fun this performance was packed with disco songs that never date. What better way to end this magical trip down memory lane than with the clear disco classic Boogie Wonderland? The glamour of the 80s and the glitter of disco were brought together in this foot-stomping finale that left the audience roaring for more.
Still reeling from the breathless excitement of the disco dancing the mood and music slowed down and the audience was treated to an outstanding duo that delivered an amazing acrobatic performance. But this show is about dance and there followed a sensational routine that swept the audience into the vibrant, vigorous world of flamenco. Laser shows and special effects illuminated the stage as the dancers threw themselves into the heat and passion of Spanish dance.
The audience needed time to catch their breath and the trio of male acrobats who performed in slow motion was the perfect solution. Using balance, skill and strength their incredible act was totally mesmerising with many hardly able to believe what they were seeing.
Get into the groove
There’s only one way to end an evening as amazing as this one and that’s with the Material Girl herself, Madonna. The stunning costumes of earlier suddenly seemed insignificant as the dancers took to the stage for their final magnificent performance. In a blur of feathers, leather boots, headdresses and topless dancers the stage was transformed into a glittering scene of showbiz extravaganza. Colours, rhythms and lights mixed together in perfect harmony as the dancers put on a show-stopping exhibition of sheer enjoyment.
For pure pleasure and unadulterated fun visit the biggest, brightest, boldest show in Benidorm.
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